Data is the next “Intel Inside”

My second topic about  Data is the next Intel Inside which is the second of eight patterns as   defined by Tim O’Reilly. The name of this pattern come from the marketing campaign by Intel to make people conscious of their products and how inside of the computer brand is more   important than outside brand.

What does data is the next intel inside mean?

Well, we all know how important an Intel processor or microchip is to the overall functioning of a computer or an electronic device. Without a microchip the computer will not function and if the microchips were not powerful enough the whole computer would run slow. So just as microchips are essential to overall functioning of a computer similarly data is considered as important today and is therefore rightly compared to a microchip of any web 2.0 applications. Internet, as we all know, has become a very big part of our life. A computer without Internet is like a bulb without electricity. Today data lives on the web and the race now is all about who will own and control the data.

The computer and the operating system don’t matter nearly as much as the browser. The functionality and the data all live out on the Web, and the real race now is about who will own and control that data. (Mark Oehlert, 2008)

Example of data is the next intel inside:

E-commerce websites are good examples for illustrating the pattern of “data is the next Intel inside for web 2.0 application”. In any ecommerce site data plays a very important role. There are hundreds of E-commerce websites out there like Amazon, E-Bay etc. And I have particularly chosen because personally I love shopping and am always looking for vintage jewellery, clothing and home accessories. You may wonder why is the website called What does ETSY mean? Even I’ve wondered about it until I came to know that etsy in Italian means ‘oh yes’. The founder wanted to name the website to something that was not overly complicated and easy to remember and he wanted to build such a brand name right from scratch. 

etsy-logoETSY LOGO

So what is : is an ecommerce website that focuses on selling vintage products. Products that is old and ancient (at least 20 years or more). Such products include handmade items, art and craft supplies etc. The website sells clothing, food, toys, art, photographs, jewellery, bath, beauty products etc. get its inspiration from the tradition of open art & craft stalls and fairs where the seller has his personal storefront where he displays and sells his goods.  

How does works? : provides a common ground where both buyers and sellers get the opportunity to buy and sell vintage products. Products that is old and unique.


Before a seller can start selling vintage products he has to first of all register with the website, create a free account and give a unique name to his virtual store. Once the account is setup the seller can upload the product details along with photos and videos. Every upload of the product in the electronic shop cost $0.20cents and the product remain advertised for a maximum of four months on the shop’s page or until someone buys the product, whichever comes first. The sellers puts a price tag on the product as he likes and charges 3.5% of the sale price for each products sold on the website. 


Buyers also have to register with the website and create a free account. There is a search facility on the website to allow buyers to search for products they are interested in and based on the user feedback and customer reviews of a particular shop, buyers can make a sound decision of whether to exact the transaction or not. Products are also categorised to help buyers easily find what they are looking for.

Let us see what best practices has applied :

  • Unique, hard to recreate source of data:

Individual sellers create data related to each product. Since these products are handmade and vintage more than 20 years, hence this information is unique and hard to recreate sources of data.

  • Enhance core data: allows sellers to enhance core data by allowing them to edit their shop and product details. It also allows the purchasers to comment and give feedback on the products they have purchased based on which sellers can improve their products and services.

  • Users control their own data: members can upload and edit product descriptions and the purchasers can write feedback and rate the the transaction.  Users can choose to provide the full name and other personal information such as   gender, location to be publicly displayed.

  • Make some rights reserved, but not all:

Etsy users may review and change the information in their account and they can remove certain optional pieces of information. As well as, they can disable cookies in their web browse.             Etsy copyright page

  • Define a data strategy:

Etsy primary strategy as i mention above hold shop owner data, store it four months on the shop’s page , or until someone buys the items . In addition, if the costumers want leave feedback they have 120 days before the ability of  to leave feedback expired.

  • Own the index, namespace, or format: does not own the data but it owns the namespace, index and domain. Members of own the data. earns by charging a percentage of commission on every product sold on their website. This allows to function without owning the data.However, Etsy  will not sell or disclose users personal information without their permitting, except as specified in our Privacy Policy.

  • Design data for reuse:

Since is an ecommerce website there is no capability of design data for reuse.

  • Outsource or supply data access management:

Members can access their data by their unique user name and password..

At the end, as said by O’Reilly in an interviewfuture is about data, not software algorithms.

That’s a couple of advises might helps you if you wanna be a seller in this website:

In this website I’ve found all what I’m looking for and more , it has every thing and it’ll suit with all tastes because it have a sellers from all around the world .. I hope you’ll fall in love with it as I did..

Have ever try selling or buying something from etsy ?
How would you rate it from 1 to 10 ?
Do you know a similar website ?


15 comments on “Data is the next “Intel Inside”

  1. Hi Danah,

    Great post! I think etsy is a unique concept appealing to a niche market,being primarily vintage items. Although do you think it would have a negative impact if Etsy expanded to other markets? Something like this could only really expand if there is strong marketing behind the application.

    Do you think Etsy could make better use of a user’s data for example showcasing simillar products to which a user has bought in the past? Or even target the advertisements based upon their purchasing category (ie, clothes or beauty products)

    • Hi Andrew
      thank you for your nice replay
      about your questions : No , i think it would be a positive impact if Etsy expanded to other markets .. it’ll get Etsy more buyers .. YES , i really think it will be much improved if the used the user’s database more , i’ll sell more in my opinion ..

  2. This blog is so useful. Honestly, I just bought a journal on this site. Every product in this site is so special. I just can’t stop checking it. I spotted another blog talked about DeviantArt which was more about the graphical design. You may interest in this kind of arty stuff.
    Here is the link

    And feel free to visit my blog. Recently I just post a blog about the plug-in website Codrops( which full of tutorials.
    Here is the link to my blogs.

    • i do the same thing i keep checking Etsy all the time .
      have you ever bought something from it ? was it easy to buy from and secure ?
      thank you for your replaying and sharing the links with me i’ll chick it soon and let you know

  3. Thanks for posting Dana. I can see how this product has entered a unique space. I loved your link to the O’Reilly interview – and might use it myself some time! He made a point that “the one with the most data wins” – how can ETSY hold off the competitors? What is eBay opened up to handmade and unique suppliers?

    • I agree with you Bronwyn that people with the most data has lots of advantages. However, it is not a bad idea to get market share and having to fight eBay as a competitor will also pressure eBay to be better too. I think ETSY has it own niche about handmade and unique stuff while eBay might have everything which is kinda broad. I’m sure that lots of people will prefer ETSY over eBay. ETSY also have good services and policies. People might prefers to buy/sell things on the website that they trust.

      Prapat W.

      • Hi Prapat W. thank you for posting
        you made a good point , i agree with you that people will prefer a website that they trust , but i think Etsy is a trustworthy and fun to shop from.
        good luck

    • Thank Bronwyn indeed it’s interesting and very useful interview, Enjoy it
      About your question, even if eBay opened up to a handmade and unique suppliers i think Etsy will stay in top because it has a unique way of showing products in a form of larg pictures arranged in a Specific categories so it’s more enjoyable than eBay , and it has a security certificate so it’s save to buy from and fun , what would you prefer to buy a vintage suppliers from ? Etsy or eBay?
      wishing you the best and thanks you for replaying..

  4. Hi Danah,

    I never heard about Etsy before, however I think it is going to be a strong Competitor for EBay and other similar websites in the future as soon it earns the customers trust. Thanks for the informative article.

    • Hi Eman
      I think that two , be a customer and you won’t regret it if you love vintage ! Because it’s trustworthy and it has a trust certificates & warranties ..

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