Innovation in Assembly

YouTube API is an extremely effective method of Innovation in Assembly

We are part of the world, which is rapidly growing and advancing at an astronomical rate. And it is amazing to see that world wide web (www) is no way behind in the race. These days large technology companies are allowing business and personal users the opportunity to customize their own websites and contribute to the world like never before and this concept is basically known as Innovation in Assembly.

what is Innovation in Assembly ?

It is the concept where Web2.0 applications can be used as a platform to build on. This means that an organization can build or develop new innovative ideas by modifying or building upon the pre-existing ideas. For example, an organization wanting to start a development of an application need not start it from scratch when somebody else may have already done the hard work in development. All it has to do is to simply build upon the existing application, modify it to suit the individuals’ business needs.

Benefits of Innovation in Assembly :

The key benefits among the many that surrounds this platform strategy is allowing your business to get a more complete idea of how certain services are used and attached to other applications easily by using API.

What is API?

API is abbreviated for “Application Programming Interface” this is a process that is used to allow other developers to use the data and coding from one application on another.


YouTube is a perfect example of Innovation in Assembly:


Being the largest online video community on the planet that allows users from all corners of the globe to share and watch videos of various natures, YouTube is a perfect example of Innovation in Assembly. You Tube allows contributors that range from teenagers to CEOs of a major organization and everyone in between them to not only upload their clips and share it with others, but to edit their video on their YouTube page.

YouTube API is an extremely effective method of Innovation in Assembly. It gives the ability to let you integrate YouTube video content and functionality into your website, software application, or devices seamlessly. By building on an already well-developed platform you harness the ability to control the YouTube player as well as how YouTube videos look on your site.

Costing $0 to use YouTube’s APIs, it is one of the easiest and most cost effective methods of using Innovation in Assembly to reach people. Additionally, there is always the added benefit of knowing that YouTube will continue to improve and add features as times goes on.

Below are some of Innovation in assembly best practices that You Tube had applied:

(1) Offer APIs to your service : YouTube offers an open API to develop a successful web platform. It enables uses and developers to create pages where videos are displayed on your pages.

(2) Design for remixability : YouTube allows for remixability by allowing users to embed their video on their own sites.

(3) Use Web 2.0 to support your platform : YouTube uses Web 2.0 to support users platform.

(4) Granular addressability of content : YouTube allows users to modify their videos on their YouTube Page.

(5) Use your platform to build customer trust and loyalty : YouTube has earned a tremendous popularity all over the world. There are many websites that are already using You Tube’s API

YouTube is a great website.. I can’t stop using it for entertainment and academic purpose.

Have you ever used YouTube to advise your business? Did you try making money out of uploading videos on youtube ?

Do you think Youtube useful to help you in your studying?

How can you use YouTube to improve yourself? 



14 comments on “Innovation in Assembly

  1. Hi Danah,

    Great Post, I totally agree with you. YouTube APIs are extremely useful. I also keep using them in my blog each time. YouTube can be a tool for studying, entertainment and for investment. Thanks to the innovation of APIs.

    • Dear Eman,
      Thank you for replying , indeed it is !
      I really use it daily in everything, learn new dishes , improve my self and my studying, remember my old days through watching old carton and listen to old-time favorite songs, and the important use to quiet my daughter by kids movie and song..try playing kids educational videos for your daughters, it will help their language & keep them calm..

  2. Great post!

    Youtube is very useful for studies or when we want to find some information on a specific subject, I am part of the 350 millions people who visit the website every month.

    Moreover, the supremacy of Youtube is becoming more and more important since Google bought this company in 2006 and they can put all their asset together to improve the advertising used on this website.

    I never used Youtube to make money, I don’t really know how we can make money when we post a video, do they propose if we want some advertisement? or do they pay us if a number of views is reached?

    • Thank you for your nice replay
      Yes , they’ll pay you according to the number of views but YouTube recently updated its video discovery features to focus on watch time versus number views, effectively filtering out videos that get clicked and abandoned.
      Good luck

  3. Hi Danah

    I think Youtube has become part of our lives. We use Youtube almost everyday even in lecture they often have Youtube links to provide information. Also thank to Youtube API we have lots of useful video sharing APP to use. I have to admit that Youtube is vey useful to the point that it could replace your TV. The different is that you can watch whatever you want and you can watch it over and over.

    Prapat W.

    • Thanks for posting Danah. I think your comment about YouTube appealing to all ages and levels of society is an important fact – and of great value to their business. Thanks so much for all the links and especially like the ‘YouTube’ clip on developers using ‘YouTube’ – eat your own dog food, anyone?

  4. Dear Danah
    Thanks for the post, I quite agree with you that many of sites now use Youtube API for sites. YouTube is very famous among the other sites if this comes for utilizing the API.
    Life before the youtube was empty as well as color-less. It is amazing application, which provides very much for free. I can admit that I just ever use really this for looking up funny clips.
    This is a unique site, where we may connect our Youtube accounts for seeing how much they have been worth and then buy as well as sell shares in the other users, who have been connected their accounts.

  5. Hi Dana

    This information is worth reading. YouTube is indeed a great tool for studying, entertainment and for investment, but the privacy issue is associated with the use of YouTube applications due to which it is not being trusted by various users. The issue of privacy and security is considered as one of the major obstacles in its effective development of YouTube. So what about the websites using YouTube as API? I think they’ll consider themselves unsecured isn’t it so?

    Another thing, as being a member and user of YouTube since long I have found that most of the content on YouTube is not age-appropriate for kids. The website is completely user-generated and relies on its members to flag videos that violate YouTube’s terms of service (mostly for sexual content, language, and hate speech). When used as API, we might have such content in “related stuff”, would this affect the website image in anyway? which is using YouTube API?

    • Hi Hussain
      I’m glad you found it worthy , Yes I agree privacy and security can be a major obstacle but that is where businesses or individuals using YouTube API needs to make an informed decision of whether they should use it or not. But most of them I believe don’t mind being deemed as unsecured. And for those who do care may have to look for alternative unfortunately..However,the issue of privacy seems very small in my opinion
      Same is the case with website’s image being negatively affected because of inappropriate content showing up as “related stuff”. If a business or an individual is concerned about the website’s image then YouTube may not be the best choice. But reality is there are many who just wants to reach out to millions of people around the world with minimal costs and considering the world-wide popularity and number of hits YouTube gets on daily basis..
      For kids you can control the issue, I download kids educational videos, movie, and songs from youtube to my daughter’s ipad on an app called free video that can be opened without internet connection, so she can’t open anything not approval to her age..
      Thanks for your comment, Wishing you the best

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