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In the past few years, having PC was the only way to access the internet, it’s definitely a hard limited way because you have to sitting in front of the computer.However, nowadays access to the internet can be through different ways, you can be walking while images-4using the internet, driving, or doing your daily routine because you can log in from any computing device in any where, from home, office or even from your car. The most common computing device and the easiest one is the smart phone, that any one can use it easily, we see it with different people in any age, on any where and any time . This brings me to start the discussing post about the fifth pattern in web 2.0 “Software above the level of a single device” as described by Tim O’Reilly.

In August 2012 there were about 7 billion mobile phones. This number exceeds the number of PCs by about 3.8 times. The International Telecommunication Union


Definition of Software above the level of a single device:

Users can access to the internet app through a different computing devices. by this definition, we can see that, eachapple_mobileme2-1 web application is software above the level of a single device. As Tim said “At minimum, these applications use a client on a local computer and one or more server computers.”

One other feature of Web 2.0 that deserves mention is the fact that it’s no longer limited to the PC platform. Tim O’Reilly

There are many example of Software above the level of a single device. According to Tim O’Reilly  iTunes is the best exemplar of this trend. ” This application seamlessly reaches from the handheld device to a massive web back-end, with the PC acting as a local cache and control station.” In this post I going to talk about as a good example of this trend because It works equally on different computing devices. I just started using this website when I arrived to Brisbane, and it’s now one of the most important application to me and I can not go out without it.


Translink is a website for public transport information and it aims to facilitate passenger transport services.images

Translink: As a division of the Department of Transport and Main Roads, we are responsible for leading and shaping Queensland’s overall passenger transport system.

Below are some of  best practices that applied:

1) Design from the start to share data across devices, servers, and networks: has been designed from the start to share data across devices, servers, and networks. can be accessed from any computing devices. With its pervasive network users can access from anywhere and get appropriate travel information. In addition, it has a mobile phone application to be easy for the users to access this app in any where.

 2) Think location aware: uses GPS and map technology as used by Google maps to trace your current location and suggest relevant travel routes depending on the location you want to go to.

 3) Extend Web 2.0 to devices:images-1 uses Web 2.0 Rich Internet application for desktop users as well as on mobile devices.

4) Use the power of the network to make the edge smarter:

As servers are always more powerful than mobile devices this is true even in the case of as most of the processing is done on the server side Thereby offloading the heavy processing on the devices and returning lightweight results.

5) Make one-click a priority:

Translink on mobile has an easy to use journey planner. If the user doesn’t know his current location, the automatically determines it for the user. The user only has to supply the destination address and click go. Rest is taken care by the site. And it also provides multiple options of travel to choose from for the user’s convenience.

6) Enable data location independence:

Since the user does not need to upload any files the capability of data location independence is not required in the case of

7) Compatibility issues:translink-logo website and edge device apps are so robust that it doesn’t suffer from the compatibility issues as we see in other RIAs.

Eventually, I know that you (my dear readers ) reading6c78cf2ae700c1a7e626465fa52e6dec this post from different devices, some of you are reading this from a home or an office computer,lap top ,smart phone, Ipad or even maybe from an ipod. For that reason, I think the programmers have to think about this while designing the websites to make the users able to open it in any device on any time without troubles .

You don’t need to build the application for managing a device into the device itself. The game is richer than that. Let the device do what it does best; let the internet do what it does; and use the PC to help manage the relationship between the two. Tim O’Reilly


6 comments on “Software above the level of a single device – Translink:

  1. Great post, Danah. I use TransLink all the time on my PC and never thought of downloading the mobile app you mention – maybe they should promote it a bit more? It would be great being location aware and maps certainly make it a fantastic resource.

    When you see what a government department has done to help travellers with their apps, it makes you wonder why banks are dragging the chain when they could offer so many features on an app!

    • Thank bronwynsc for reading my post and commenting. I use it always too because I usually use public transportations. I really think you better to download the application: it is easier and faster and you can chick it out anytime and anywhere. Plus that you can save the places and the number of the busses you usually use In (my link). It might need more promote as you said but I see that there’s announcements and advertisers everywhere, maybe because I care about it I noticed their commercials, but the government encourage the people to use it for all the qualities it has such as saving health environment and individuals.True that government is seeking to serve and comfort the travelers as an investment.

  2. Hey Danah nice post. Good captivating intro and nice interesting fact. I think Translink was a great example of explaining Software above the level of a single device. Trankslink is such a widely used site and it is very important. I couldn’t agree more with the concept of an app being made with some enticing elements to go with it 🙂 . If they did make an app for the smart phone, what do you think would be the most beneficial outcome would be?


    • Thank you jasonw for your comment and your nice words, yes I agree with you that it’s important website and a lot of people use it. They do have a smart phone application to increase the number of the users and make it easier to them to use it anywhere and anytime, so it makes it easier to ride the public transportations that have an positive effect on peoples health and environment. As said in the translink website a full car produces 377 times more carbon monoxide than the full bus. additionally, public transport as an daily exercise when you walking to and from it that help improve your health. Driving yourself more stressful than public transport, using public transport allowing you to listen to music, read a book, or just relax after your busy day. It also save cost of buying and maintaining cars.

  3. Hi Danah,
    It’s a nice post you have here.
    Translink! That’s something we cannot stop using since we are in Queensland and it also is becoming a application that counts so much on several different devices, as your post pointed out. The idea of separate the application onto several different devices is just damn clever, and translink is doing it very well. We can access the public transportation information everywhere and no need to worry about not knowing the way home, as long as you’ve got Internet and a mobile device in your hand. That’s certainly a significant change to our lives, thanks to the pattern of ‘above a single device’.
    Have a good day.

    • Thanks for dropping by Albus Shin
      Yes you right we can stop use it here specially if you are new in Brisbane, thanks to Above a Single Device. I hope that you enjoyed reading my post.
      See you soon here 🙂

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