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Today’s post will be about “Perpetual Beta”, the six pattern of web 2.0 application that defined by Tim O’reilly. This principle focuses on the endless development of programs features that offered as a service for the users to get their satisfaction. The development cycle of the software can be on a monthly, weekly, or even daily cycle, depends on the users needs.

What is Perpetual beta:

Perpetual beta is the keeping of software or a system at the beta development stage for an extended or indefinite period of time. It is often used by developers when they continue to release new features that might not be fully tested. Wikipedia

Examples of Perpetual beta:

According to O’Reilly’s  Microsoft and Google are clear examples of Perpetual Beta and “Microsoft won’t be able to beat Google” because Google upgrading their computing environment every day while Microsoft upgrading the computing environment every 2-3 years. Additionally, Google Maps, Gmail, Flickr, and delicious are other example of this pattern. In this post I am going to discuss Delicious as a web 2.0 application that achieved the best practices and benefits of Perpetual beta website.delicious-logo


Delicious is a social bookmarking website which means that, rather than going to your favourite icon and save it in the internet explorer you can save your bookmarking in the web site so you can access to your bookmarking from any computing divides in any time. In addition Delicious allow you to share your bookmarking with others.

Delicious (formerly is a social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks. The site was founded by Joshua Schachter in 2003. Wikipedia

Delicious is a free service designed to be the best place to save what you love on the web, whether it’s a video, picture, product, blog post, article or music. We then help you remember and find it later. Delicious

How does Delicious linked to this pattern:

Release early and release often: Websites updating is essential to websites success. For that Delicious have search tools to keep track of the users to know what they like and what do not. Delicious always updated and change or add new features according to the users needs. Additonally, Delicious advertise the updating through Delicious blog.

Engage users as co-developers and real-time testers: as we said before delicious updating the system by tracking user behavior. Each page in Delicious has a feedback button at the bottom of the page to get feedback from the users that help to improve the website. For example, Delicious thanks its users for their feedback that help to create search box to conveniently search about tags, keywords, network, usernames, and even tag bundles. Additionally, Delicious enhanced the website with keyboard shortcuts to save users time.

Instrument your product:  Every updating or new feature of Delicious tested by the users through adding new bookmarking on the website and share links with friends.

Incrementally create new products: Delicious involves the users as real time tester, it is looking for the users needs and  analysing their feedback to updating existing feature and bring new one.

Use dynamic tools and languages: Delicious using Python programming language and RSS to publish the content on the web. additionally, user can download and interchange data and through the site’s API in an XML or JavaScript Object Notation. The feeds in delicious come in several formats including RSS and JSON.

Over a billion links served daily to more than 200 countries worldwide. Delicious


11 comments on “Perpetual Beta- Delicious

  1. Hi Dana, I like your post – but I don’t understand why your “Recent Posts” list has headings like 225 and 182 that lead to your latest posts. Is this something you can fix? It would improve the look of your site and help your readers. Good luck!

  2. Hi Dana,

    What a great post.
    I did create delicious account years ago. I don’t use it properly because it was too complicated for me to understand how to get the advantages of delicious bookmarking. Thank you for informing delicious blog in your link page. Never know this link before :D. Do they use different name (use “beta” word) while doing test of their new version? I think it will be a good way for them to warn the users unless they already sure that their new features will work properly as what user expected.

    • Thank you for being one of my dears readers this week and for your replying.
      According to me Delicious is the king of bookmarking websites. Before I was use the traditional method and save my links into my favorite in the internet explorer, it is limited way because i have to use the same computing device to use my links but now with Delicious I can access my links on anytime and anywhere. I am really glad that you learn something from my post. yes i agree with you, the short video in the post is really great, simple, and helpful. Delicious uses beta word when they do some test but not all, the users know about the new features through Delicious plog. I think the programer cannot take the final judgment without involve the users in the test.
      wishing you the best

  3. Hi Danah,

    Delicious is a great website , it enable users to access their bookmarks from anywhere using cloud computing Techniques , such website need to use the concept of Perpetual Beta such as Incrementally create new products to keep its users growing as there are many competitive bookmarking websites .

    • Thanks Faisal for visiting my blog and your comment.
      Yes it is. Updating is important concept in the software and it will be less executed unless it is maintained on a daily basis. Yes so I agree with you that Perpetual Beta is important to keep the users because there are another websites with the same function and the users looking for the best one and which serve more. Additionally,The software that without Perpetual Beta is less value than the others.

  4. I love that Delicious incorporates a Feedback button on every page – I didn’t know that! I find that many social media apps make it hard to provide your feedback on something they haven’t specifically asked for but with increasing user involvement, this is something they will need to start doing. I think feedback is probably one of the most important edicts of the notion of perpetual beta. Great post!

  5. Thank you evecrithary for your comment, I also like this feature that it give the users the opportunities to say their opinions freely that helps the designers to change, improve, and add more features to the software. Glad that you read my blog.

  6. As usual Danah,
    you have made another great post!
    Delicious is the perfect example for perpetual beta. But I have some questions about this app.. Can I make my links in it privet? What about blocking users from following me?

    • Hi Eman I’m glad to hear that from you..
      useful questions, when you add links on Delicious they will be public by default, but you can make them private by change the privacy setting at anytime. Change privacy setting through the edit icon pencil-shaped on the right of links. It is really good feature in Delicious and it indicate to that, Delicious care about the user privacy . Unfortunately, block users from following you on Delicious unavailable currently may be will change it in the future. However, when others follow you they can not see any information that you make it private.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the post.

  7. Hi Danah
    You have given very good examples of this pattern such as Google Maps, Gmail, Flickr, and delicious. Delicious has been the free service developed to be a best place for saving what we love on web, if this has been the video, the picture, product, blog post, article and music. We afterwards help us to remember as well as find that later. This has been the greater place for forming the rich network of people which share our interests. We would be amazed at what we discover browsing by awesome content aerated through our community along with our friends.
    Sami 🙂

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