How can Web 2.0 tools assist my personal productivity?

Science and technology represent the wheel of development in the world, and the Internet is one of the most important developments that have occurred in the modern era. The Internet allows people to sit in their house and see everything that is happening in the world. Additionally, it has had a significant impact on the daily lives of individuals, penetrating into all aspects of life, and life has become smooth, easy, and more productive with it. Today I am going to discuss how Web 2.0 tools assist my personal productivity, but first I would like to let you know the meaning of Web2.0.

What is Web2.0 ?

Web 2.0 describes the second generation of the World Wide Web that allows people to create information and interact with each other online. The difference between Web 2.0 applications and others is that Web 2.0 applications are easy to use, and users do not need to have many technical skills to create content and share it with others. Blogs, wikis, social networking sites and video-sharing sites are examples of Web 2.0. If you are interested in reading more about Web 2.0, you can check my previous posts in the Web 2.0 category.

Web 2.0 tools assist my personal productivity:

In the education area, I use Google Scholar, one of the most worthy and important search tools, to access information for my academic research. It is easier than looking through hundreds of books in the library and it saves my time. Besides Google Scholar, I use Delicious to store bookmarks. It is better than the traditional way of storing bookmarks using the Favorites icon on the computer, because it allow me to access my bookmarks from any computing device and share them with others. In the communications area, for around 10 years I have used Hotmail to send messages with text files, images and audio as attachments, to anywhere in the world within moments. I also use Twitter and Facebook to express myself and to communicate with my friends and famous people. In the entertainment area, I use Instagram to share part of my life with my family and my friends. Additionally, I use YouTube to watch movies and listen to my favourite music. Web 2.0 websites also help me to avoid physical suffering, especially in the shopping field which I can do via fingertips clicks through e-commerce websites. I cannot imagine my life without Web 2.0 apps because these put the whole world into my hands, and the computer without them is like a dead body.


My experience with Web 2.0 applications:

During the previous semester I used a blog, wiki, and Google Docs, which were new Web 2.0 applications for me. In my blog, I write new content, communicate with the online community and learn more and more about Web 2.0 each week. I really enjoy doing that; I find blogging so easy and that it helps people to express themselves. Additionally, I collaborated in wiki activities with my classmates during the semester. It was interesting to share our thoughts and work as a team. From these two activities I have learnt the differences between wikis and blogs. Wikis are designed for groups of users to share and cooperate on one topic, and any user can enter a password to edit the contents of the wiki at any time. A wiki also provides for discussion boards on each page, allowing users to engage in ongoing discussions and talks about their projects. A blog consists of  periodic articles about different topics, usually written by one author daily, weekly, or monthly, and allows others to read and comment on the content. I use Google Docs in our group assignments to communicate with each member of the group. I find it a helpful and easy tool to create and share files, and it also saves time.

At the end, all you need to start use Web 2.0 tools is the desire to exploration and understanding the types of the tool that make  your work easy.

5 comments on “How can Web 2.0 tools assist my personal productivity?

    • Thanks Chris Dahlren for replying.. Yes I agree with you some time I do not find what I am looking for. For instance, some books are not available online or I have to buy it, so I try to find it on the library which is rarely happened.

  1. Amazing post!

    Thats right, Web 2.0 is the best thing have ever happened, besides the innovation of the web. I totally agree with you when saying “Web 2.0 websites also help me to avoid physical suffering, especially in the shopping field which I can do via fingertips clicks through e-commerce websites.” E-commerce not only benefited shoppers, but most importantly created new job opportunities for people all over the world, which raised the entrepreneurial era that world experiences nowadays.

  2. hello Dana
    first of all i loved your blog style , the background is really nice and the font and colors are easy to the eyes .
    i learned new things about Web 2.0 from your blog , i agree with Dianne that web 2.0 is the best thing beside the innovation of web .
    web 2.0 helped a friend of mine to achieve her goal , she started by backing cupcake and selling it to her neighbors , then she started to advertise her small business on twitter and Facebook ,long story short : now she have 30 shops around the country .

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