The Benefits of Implementing Social Technology Value Levers

Samsung Electronics is the leading multinational company in information technology. The company is based in South Korea and has several assembling plants and marketing networks in many countries. Samsung Electronics is known for manufacturing of chips, hard drives, flash memory and semiconductors devices for customers like Nokia, Sony and Apple. Currently the company is the major vendor in the smart phone and mobile phone markets stimulated by the reputation of Samsung Galaxy products. It has enjoyed many benefits and value associated with the use of social technology value levers in marketing and sales and customer service within the company (Michell, 2010).


Some of the major benefits and value levers associated with implementing Enterprise 2.0:

Samsung Electronics as a manufacturer of consumer goods depends heavily on5216_us_top_mobile_manufacturers_small_V2 brand recognition and employs social technologies across its value chains to expand its market share and increase its revenue. It achieves this through employing social technologies for instance Facebook and twitter to link with clients as well as to create sharper customer insights and to enhance the efficiency of knowledge employees. Samsung Electronics has taken on initiatives that expand its market share through shifting customer insight and advertising budgets to social media to capture the prospective significance of social technologies (Funk, 2012).  It captures a significant amount of its potential revenue through providing quality goods to its customers at reduced prices, providing goods that are more suited to customer needs and enhanced client service. The company is able to link with several people and pass information concerning its products through advertising in the social media. Customers are in turn able to access this information at low cost. In addition, the company employs social platforms to boost its sales and marketing through influencing purchasing behavior and communication with clients where it gets to understand consumer complaints and use this information in product development. In sales Samsung electronics employs information from social media to forecast demand.


Samsung states ‘We will devote our human resources and technology to create superior products and services, thereby contributing to a better global society’.


7 comments on “The Benefits of Implementing Social Technology Value Levers

  1. Thanks Danah for this valuable post. I think that Samsung’s strategy that you mentioned is so smart. Taking information from the social media might be the most honest and real type of information a company could ever find. This led to their huge current success which enabled them to be strong enough to compete with Apple on the same market.
    Good job!

  2. After reading your blog, i thought about what Xavier wrote about iphone ( )
    Both smart phone giants apparently embraced social technology as their marketing strategy, but It’s interesting to find that while Samsung capitalizes on FB and Twitter, but Apple uses its own community forum. Both works for big companies. For smaller businesses, free social network platform is still a very attractive option. Or if people are technical enough, they could try creating their own social network platform using tools like OpenShift ( to create free applications and only scale out if their business grows and requites more resources for their site.

    P.S Danah, I’ve been following a couple of your posts. Would you be able to give me some comment too? Thanks

    • Thanks for your comment Juwujuliewu. Yes I agree with you about the importance of the social technology for the smaller businesses, also it is important for the big companies to advertise their products and listen from their customer.. Yes sure I will do it as soon as possible..

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