The effect of social media on the health sector

The awareness of  web 2.0 importance in the health plays an active role in raising the efficiency of performance, improving the quality of health services, and the optimum use of resources in the health sector. Health 2.0 also aims to raise awareness about social media tools to provide an opportunity for the exchange of information and successful experiences in the health field. Our topic today will be about healthcare 2.0.


What is Health 2.0:

According to Wikipedia health 2.0 is “The use of social software and light-weight tools to promote collaboration between patients, their caregivers, medical professionals, and other stakeholders in health”. The concept of e-Health and the use web 2.0 tools for health provides a unique opportunity to develop  health systems by increasing the efficiency of health services and improved access to care services.


The American Red Cross:

The American Red Cross is arguably one of the most important players in the healthcare sector. The institution is widely known for its compassionate services to those in need. From disaster relief to supporting American families, the institution has continued to offer health and safety services both to American society and to international community. While the institution has been very successful in delivery of its service, the recent wave of social networks particularly the application of Enterprise 2.0 technology promises to offer one of the most powerful tools of communication among the stakeholders involved.

Lifesaving    images

Some benefit that associated with the implementation of Enterprise 2.0:

One such benefit associated with the implementation of Enterprise 2.0 is in the area of mobilizing resources. Mobilization of both human and financial resources is critical factor for the organizational survival. Implementation of Enterprise 2.0 by the organization will not only improve the recruiting capabilities of the company but also result to addition of donors and volunteers which are critical for the organization’s survival. Banking on enterprise 2.0 for fundraising across the globe is a viable option that the organization adopt. Furthermore, researches continue to show that fundraising on social platforms have become the accepted standard for nonprofit organization. This is confirm on the fact that the cost of fundraising is less as compared to the traditional means. Moreover, employing enterprise 2.0 as a tool for soliciting money will help the organization save money and increase revenue. Relying on enterprise 2.0 as a source of fund raising has the potential of creating and expanding volunteer networks and retaining support from donors and volunteers. Another benefit of implementation of Enterprise 2.0 is publishing and collecting Information. With the social media patients are able to access to the Internet and search for their condition and looking for the treatment options.The American Red Cross Facebook page is important resource to provide patients with quick information about their health. The information that available on Facebook page help the patients to become more knowledgeable regarding the effectiveness of treatment and the risks associated with them.



7 comments on “The effect of social media on the health sector

  1. hI Danah,

    I completely agree on all your points from beginning to end of your post! You have said it all about healthcare 2.0. In the beginning you mentioned that health 2.0 improves the quality of care services in the healthcare industry – that’s very true! The best way to deliver quality care is to utilise the social media tools that enable information sharing and keep the general public informed to make informed choices. It is also true how Red Cross plays an important role in the health care sector of the global community. The rise of healthcare 2.0 improves communications between and among those involved that enables them to reach the general public from the global society for quick response to emergencies. Embracing healthcare 2.0 enables the organisation to mobilise better and more quickly respond to calls for help around the world.

  2. Another good value lever that American Red Cross could utilise is that of crowd sourcing information with regards to disasters. By monitoring social networks they would be able to react to immediate emergencies faster and plan for assets required to be sent. Rather than waiting on contact from affected individuals they could be at the scene with support faster than normal. They could also crowd source from people on the ground what items are immediately required.

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