Social media for business:

The social software is a revolution to business and akin enterprises by increasing the customer base through social media. Companies are increasingly tapping on the benefits of web 2.0 technologies, infamously known as enterprise 2.0 (Bell). This is being used in the in the finance, technology and, banking sectors. The appeal and emphasis on implementation of enterprise 2.0 is on the increased communication with customers. This is especially through social media platforms and wikis. Today I am going to talk about how social media help Timbuk2 in its business.


A striking example of a company that uses web 2.0 tools  is Timbuk2. It is a San Francisco based company that deals with the supply of fashion bags. In order to increase its customer base, they have adopted the usage of web 2.0 technologies. This has led to an increase in the consumer base because of incorporation of social media platforms like Facebook and twitter. Moreover, timbuk2 also uses the social software to a low for customer reviews and feedback in the form of blogging. This ensures that the production of their bags is in accordance to customer satisfaction’s quality and standards (Kurtz).


Timbuk2 has employed the usage of Facebook, twitter, and blogging with an aim of improving their marketing strategy. They have the social software to increase their customer base. They recently added their services to Flickr. The social software encourages a one-on-one interaction with the consumers. The customers are able to make a match base informed decision depending on their consumer preferences. The customers are also encouraged to follow Timbuk2 on twitter so as to get news feed on new product releases. Ultimately, the integration of enterprise 2.0 has led to an increase in profit sales and consumer awareness of Timbuk2 products.

I will leve you with the intresting video about Social Media for Business


4 comments on “Social media for business:

  1. Hey Danah, nice blog for week 8s activity. I Can’t agree more with with that social media is an invaluable tool for business and enterprises, the video serves to reinforce this point. What are your thoughts on social media in the professional services area of business?

    • Thanks for dropping by tykennedy and glad that you read my blog…
      yes I agree with you that it’s important tool for business. About your qustion, I think organisations realize that the use of social networking sites does not only aim to deliver information or a specific message about their products as was the previously case when the companies were launch its own online website to talk about its products. Now, companies use social networking to increase the interaction between the company and the public which enhances the relationship with the company and increases loyalty to their products. so I see SNS is an essential tool for companies that aim to more successes by getting feedback from their customers and looking for their requirement. I hope that you enjoyed reading my post. See you soon here 🙂

  2. Thanks Dana for sharing this valuable material.
    As I can see, Timbuk2 has successfully used social networking to run their business. This helps the organization to gather insights about their products and in developing new products.

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