Social Networks Monitoring And Queensland Art Gallery

All businesses need visibility. The nature of every business directly affects what metrics it needs to track, together with the relevant indicators to track. With the presence of web monitoring tools, successful companies have been able to adapt better than their enemies. Certainly, this is true because they most companies miss the key point of adaptability as it is possible to adjust when a company or an organization knows what is not working. An organization can be making mistakes, but “simply lack the feedback to know when and how they’re messing up.” (Kerpen) Today I  would like to discuss  social media monitoring tools in Queensland Art Gallery..


Queensland Art Gallery:

The Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery  is a gallery museum (space for visual art display) aims to link between the arts and individuals. It was established in 1895 and existing in the South Bank in Brisbane. The Queensland government is the owner and the operator of this museum that helps to attract artist tourist to Queensland.


Queensland Art Gallery, like many organizations should direct most of its energies on the health and effectiveness of its web presence, and its relationship with the market. With the social media monitoring tools, the organization will be able to monitor how its business undertakings affect its business and how to adapt (Croll & Power). Similarly, the organization should take advantage of the insights provided to iterate faster and to adapt better than its competitors. In so doing, it will also close the feedback loop between the changes it makes and the impacts they may have on its audience on the social media platform.


Facebook Insights:

From my experience with Facebook Insights, a tool that is being utilized by the organization, online marketing battles are as good as fought. It is with keen interest that I was able to establish that potential communities are those that hang out online (Kerpen). Many blog posts define brands and compare organizations with their competitors. It is based on this observation that I came to establish that any business entity that is striving to survive, and to thrive must be aware of all its interactions with online communities, not just within its front doors (Croll & Power).


Social media monitoring tools are an effective way to gather market data from potential consumers. They yield good insights and provide clues of how members of the target market respond to products and services.


2 comments on “Social Networks Monitoring And Queensland Art Gallery

  1. Thanks Danah to let us know more about Social Networks Monitoring and I really like your simple way to present the information.

    • Thank Lora for reading my post and your nice replay..Yes you right, as the English is not my first language so I try as I can to keep my words simple to be easily understand by my family and frinds in my home also for who are not speak english well..

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