Blogging Strategy

My dear readers, welcome again to my blog discussing Enterprise 2.0. I will try my best to present helpful and enjoyable information to you, and I will be happy and thankful to receive your comments and advice. My first post in Enterprise 2.0 will be an overview of blogging and will discuss blogging strategy, including how to create your own weblog.


About Blogging:

Blogging is one of the fastest-growing trends on the Internet. A blog is a kind of website that people use to write a description of a specific event, or to post other material such as graphics or video. As stated in Wikipedia, a blog consists of separated input “posts” arranged in descending chronological order.

Blog Types:

There is a variety of blog types, and I’m going to cover some of them.

1-Personal blog: A diary or comments on a particular topic by individuals. This kind of blog is the most common, and is used to present the personal vision of its owner in any area.

2-Link blog: The first type of blog published on the Internet. Link blogs contain many links to Internet sites that the blogger believes are worth visiting, as well as brief descriptions of these sites.

3-Article blog: These contain comments on news and events. They usually reveal much less of the daily life of the author.

4-Photo blog: This type of blog is based on pictures.

5-Podcast blog: These blogs contain radio broadcast clips: short radio programs registered by the owner of the blog. The reader can download the clips when he or she wants to listen to them.

6-Videocast blog: These are blogs that contain broadcast video clips, similar to podcast blogs but using video. Videocast blogs are the latest blogging trend.

7-Diverse blog: Most diverse blogs are a mixture of the above-mentioned types of blogs.

8-Group blog: This kind of blogging is done by a group of people.

9-Microblogging: This kind allow bloggers to post short content, such as Twitter content.


How to write a blog?

A lot of websites allow you create your own blog for free on the web servers of those sites. All you have to do is create a new account using your e-blogging service, then you can then start blogging directly. “Blogger” is one of the most popular blogging services on the Internet. When you decide to write a blog, think about the steps below:

1-Decide objective: I have been writing these articles on my blog in order to achieve a high grade in my study, while others write to express themselves, build relationships or their reputation, make money, or record a story.

2-Blog readers: To succeed with my blog, I work hard for my readers and think about them.

3-Blog content: In my blog I talk about Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0. I try to make my content as clear and simple as I can so it is easily understood by lots of readers, and I keep word count low to make sure my readers have time to read it.

4-Publication time: Every week during semester I publish a post.

How to attract readers to the blog?

1-Blog registration: If you want to attract readers (and not just the friends you told about your blog), you can register your blog in a search engine. You can also register your website in blog site directories such as BlogCatalog.

2-Author’s credibility: A credible writer gives readers confidence and stimulates readers to visit the blog again.

3-Worthy content: The information in the post and the links should be worthy of reading. Correct language that is free of grammar and spelling mistakes is also required.

4-Conversation: Make conversation with other bloggers through the comments.

5-Blog appearance: Appropriate colours is an important element in the blog. For example, a black background with red text is not quite consistent  and will be tiring to look at it. Additionally, images in a blog are attractive, but should have meaning and express the topic.

6-Text format: Font size should be easy to read, not too small or too large, and the font colour must fit with the background.

7-Frequent updates: If readers cannot find new content in the blog they will move to other blogs. Additionally, if you do not record activity on a regular basis, you will lose the golden gift provided by search engines for active blogs.


Blogging is an easy way to share thoughts and ideas with the outside world. Select the optimal method of blogging for you, set up your blog, tell the outside world about it and start blogging immediately.